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Originally written as an utterly evil (if careless) saboteur, Smith gradually became the troublesome, self-centered, incompetent character who provided the comic relief for the show and caused much of the conflict and misadventures. [2] In the unaired pilot, what caused the group to become lost in space was a chance encounter with a meteor storm, but in the first aired episode it was Smith's unplanned presence on the ship that sent it off course into the meteor field, and his sabotage which caused the Robot to accelerate the ship into hyperdrive . Smith is thus the key to the story. [ citation needed ]

Alpha – Made In Space [Full Album] Support the artist: http:///buy-mp3s #1 00:00 Roy #2 03:20 Reunion Island #3 05:18 Monophonic #4 08:54 Sunday #5 13:53 Water Displacement #6 15:51 The Things You Might #7 21:50 Reunion #8 26:15 So Much To Come #9 31:00 Oh #10 34:03 Nap #11 36:10 Dug Up On The Moon #12 41:02 Twin Towns #13 46:30 Flux Length: 51:47

Alpha - Made In SpaceAlpha - Made In SpaceAlpha - Made In SpaceAlpha - Made In Space